Friday, 18 September 2020

Student Council - Grade 2 Representatives

 Grade 2s had a silent election of their representatives for Student Council. Each child was given a sticky note where they wrote two choices among his/her classmates. 

Let us CONGRATULATE our new SC representatives: TIM BAUMANN and LINGYI DENG!!!

Being a Student Council Representative is a lot of work and requires strong commitment. I have no doubt that TIM and LINGYI can do it.

All the best to our STUDENT COUNCIL for this year. 😃

Thursday, 17 September 2020


 Grade 2s had a visitor this week. GROOVY visited the class. It was an alien on a mission: to know what fruits it can bring back to its planet PLASTON.

The children helped GROOVY know four fruits on Earth (Lemon, Orange, Apple and Banana).

How did they help GROOVY? They made him use his senses of sight, taste, smell and touch! Great Job, Grade 2s!


 Central Idea:

            Our SENSES help us to learn about and interpret the world around us.

Lines of Inquiry

    * how we use our five senses
    * how people can live with or without one or more senses
    * keeping our sensory organs healthy


    * Function
    * Responsibility
    * Causation

Approaches to Learning

    * Communication Skills
    * Self-Management Skills

Learner Profile

    * Caring
    * Open-minded
    * Communicator

Learning Goals/Success Criteria

* Understand how we get information from outside and make sense of it

* Child can empathise with others who don't have all their senses - songs using sign language as an example

* Be able to explain how to take care of our senses and keep ourselves healthy

Action (What you could expect students to do)
* increase vocabulary that connects directly to the five senses
* know the five senses, label the parts and explain the use or function
* write or discuss ways on how to take care of the senses
* get to know famous personalities who became successful despite not having one or more senses
* find out how the people with needs are supported (braille, trained dogs, others)

How to support your child at home.
* show them proper ways of how they can take care of their body particularly their sense organs
* use vocabulary connected to senses so they can get familiar with them
* encourage them to ask questions

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Unpacking the Central Idea

 Our central idea for this unit is Our SENSES help us to LEARN ABOUT and INTERPRET the WORLD AROUND us. For us to understand what the central idea is telling us about, we worked in groups to find the meaning of challenging words - SENSE, LEARN ABOUT, INTERPRET, WORLD and AROUND.

We interviewed people around the school to help us explain the central idea in simple words. We also looked at the dictionary to help us. We hope to paraphrase the central idea next week. ;)

Thursday, 3 September 2020


How keen is your sense of sight? 

The students prove the good vision they have as they are able to locate the 15 items that are hidden in the maze in this Scavenger Hunt. 


Thursday, 27 August 2020


 Grade 2 created their first artwork in Grade 2. They are abstract but the titles they gave will give you a hint on what their work is about. ;)

Friday, 21 August 2020

Collaborating and Organising

Grade 2s worked together to come up with suggestions on what to include in our classroom essential agreements. They centered their thinking on RESPECT. We will make our choices and finalize our list on Monday. :)

GRADE 2 also has made their own choices of roles and responsibilities in the class.  See below their chosen roles:

Line Leader (boys) - TIM        Line Leader (girls) - SAE

Line Ender (boys) - KAITO        Line ender (girls) - MIZUKI

Board Monitor - LUKE

Cubby inspectors - ELLA and ASUKA

Table inspectors - PAULINE and MOE

Teacher Assistants - LEON and SARANG

Library Assistants - RINA and KAZU

Peace Keeper - LINGYI

Calendar Keeper - SOICHIRO

Schedule Keeper - ALEXANDRE

They will change roles every month. The next time they can choose new roles will be on Monday, 31st August.

Student Council - Grade 2 Representatives

 Grade 2s had a silent election of their representatives for Student Council. Each child was given a sticky note where they wrote two choice...